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Finding Documentation Using the Index

To find specific index entries (selected keywords) in the MathWorks documentation for your products, use the Index in the Help Navigator pane.

  1. Set the Product filter to All or Selected.
  2. Click the Index tab.
  3. Type a word or words in the Search index for field. As you type, the index displays matching entries and their subentries (indented). It might take a few moments for the display to appear. The index is not case sensitive.
  1. The product and title of the document that includes the matching index entry are listed next to the index entry, which is useful when there are multiple matching index entries. You might have to make the Help Navigator pane wider to see the product and document.

  1. Select an index entry from the list to display that page.
  1. The page appears in the display pane, scrolled to the location where the index entry appears.

  1. To see more matching entries, scroll through the results.

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