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Selecting and Viewing the Source Control System

Specify the source control system using these steps:

  1. Select Preferences from the File menu in the MATLAB Editor, Simulink model, or Stateflow model.
  1. The Preferences dialog box opens.

  1. Click the + for General and then select Source Control.
  1. The currently selected system is shown. The default selection is None.


  1. Select the system you want to use from the Source control system list.

Function Alternative for Viewing the Source Control System

  1. To view the currently selected system, type cmopts in the command window.
  1. MATLAB displays the current source control system. For example:

Setting a View and Checking Out a Directory -- For ClearCase on UNIX Only

If you use ClearCase on a UNIX platform, do the following using ClearCase:

  1. Set a view.
  2. Check out the directory in which you want to save files, check files into, or check files out of.

You can now use the MATLAB, Simulink, or Stateflow interfaces to ClearCase to check files into and out of the directory you checked out in step 2.

  Source Control Interface on UNIX Platforms Checking Files into the Source Control System