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Startup Options

You can define startup options for MATLAB that instruct MATLAB to perform certain operations when you launch it. There are two ways to specify startup options for MATLAB:

Using the Startup File for MATLAB, startup.m

At startup, MATLAB automatically executes the master M-file matlabrc.m and, if it exists, startup.m. The file matlabrc.m, which is in the local directory, is reserved for use by The MathWorks, and by the system manager on multiuser systems.

The file startup.m is for you to specify startup options. For example, you can modify the default search path, predefine variables in your workspace, or define Handle Graphics defaults. Creating a startup.m file with the line

adds /home/me/mytools to your default search path and makes mytools the current directory upon startup.

On Windows platforms, place the startup.m file in $matlabroot/toolbox/local, where $matlabroot is the directory in which MATLAB is installed.

On UNIX workstations, place the startup.m file in the directory named matlab off your home directory, for example, ~/matlab.

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