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Opening the Workspace Browser

To open the Workspace browser, select Workspace from the View menu in the MATLAB desktop, or type workspace at the Command Window prompt.

The Workspace browser opens.

Viewing the Current Workspace

The Workspace browser shows the name of each variable, its array size, its size in bytes, and the class. The icon for each variable denotes its class.

To resize the columns of information, drag the column header borders. To show or hide any of the columns, or to specify the sort order, select Workspace View Options from the View menu.

You can select the column on which to sort as well as reverse the sort order of any column. Click a column heading to sort on that column. Click the column heading again to reverse the sort order in that column. For example, to sort on Size, click the column heading once. To change from ascending to descending, click the heading again.

Function Alternative

Use who to list the current workspace variables. Use whos to list the variables and information about their size and class. For example:

Use exist to see if the specified variable is in the workspace.

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