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COM and DDE Support

Component Object Model, or COM, is a set of object-oriented technologies and tools that allow software developers to integrate application-specific components from different vendors into their own application solution. COM support in MATLAB enables you to interact with contained controls or server processes, or to configure MATLAB as a computational server controlled by your client application programs.
Dynamic Data Exchange, or DDE, is a feature of Microsoft Windows that allows two programs to share data or send commands directly to each other. MATLAB provides functions that use this data exchange to enable access between MATLAB and other Windows applications in a wide range of contexts.
Introducing MATLAB COM Integration
COM Concepts, and an overview of COM support in MATLAB
MATLAB COM Client Support
How to create COM objects and use properties, methods, and events
Additional COM Client Information
COM collections, converting data from MATLAB to COM, and using MATLAB as a DCOM server client
MATLAB Automation Server Support
Using MATLAB as a COM automation server
Additional Automation Server Information
Launching the MATLAB server; shared and dedicated servers; using MATLAB as a DCOM server
Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE)
DDE concepts; using MATLAB as a client or a server; DDE advisory links

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