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Serial Port I/O

The serial port I/O chapter includes these sections.
Serial port capabilities, supported interfaces, and supported platforms.
Overview of the Serial Port

The serial port interface standard, signals and pin assignments, the serial data format, and finding serial port information for your platform.

Getting Started with Serial I/O
Examples to help you get started with the serial port interface.
Creating a Serial Port Object
Create a MATLAB object that represents the serial I/O device.
Connecting to the Device
Establish a connection between MATLAB and the serial I/O device.
Configuring Communication Settings
Set values for the baud rate and the serial data format.
Writing and Reading Data
Write data to the device and read data from the device.
Events and Callbacks
Enhance your serial I/O application by using events and callbacks.
Using Control Pins

Signal the presence of connected devices and control the flow of data.

Debugging: Recording Information to Disk
Save transferred data and event information to disk.
Saving and Loading
Save and load serial port objects.
Disconnecting and Cleaning Up
Disconnect the serial port object from the device, and remove the object from memory and from the workspace.
Property Reference
Properties grouped by category.

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