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Profile Detail Report

The profile detail report shows profiling results for a selected file that was called during profiling. There are three basic sections you can use:

To return to the Profile Summary report, click the home button in the toolbar.

Header--Location, Link to File, and Copy Report.   The first section provides the filename, a link to the file, and a link that copies the report to a separate window. After you copy the report, you can make changes to the file, run the Profiler for the updated file, and compare the Profiler detail reports for the two runs. Do not make changes to M-files provided with MathWorks products, that is, files in $matlabroot/toolbox directories.

Parents, Children, and Lines with Most Time.   The second section provides information about the parent function, a summary of lines where the most time was spent, and the children called. Subfunctions in the file are considered children, so you view the Profiler details separately.

Change the view using the links:

Click a line number to go to that line in the third section of the detail report.

  Profile Summary Report File Listing