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What to Avoid When Running MATLAB

Performance acceleration is enabled only when you run your M-Files outside of debug mode and with command echoing turned off.

M-File Debug

The following debug commands, entered at the command prompt or within an M-File, disable MATLAB from accelerating any subsequent M-File code:

dbstop if error does not disable the performance accelerator.

The dbstop in mfile command only affects the M-file (or M-files) in which dbstop is set.

To turn off debug mode, and thus enable code acceleration, use the appropriate form of the dbclear function.

Command Echoing

Enabling echoing (with the echo function) for an M-file script or function disables performance acceleration for that script or function. Enabling echoing for all scripts or functions disables acceleration for all M-file scripts and functions.

Operating System Considerations

Depending on the degree to which your program code follows the acceleration guidelines described earlier in this section, your M-File programs should see a marked improvement in performance on all platforms. On Intel X86-based Linux and Windows systems, you are likely to see more of a performance gain than on other platforms.

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