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Converting Function Names to Function Handles

Using the str2func function, you can construct a function handle from a string containing the name of a MATLAB function. To convert the string, 'sin', into a handle for that function

If you pass a function name string in a variable, the function that receives the variable can convert the function name to a function handle using str2func. The example below passes the variable, funcname, to function makeHandle, which then creates a function handle.

You can also perform the str2func operation on a cell array of function name strings. In this case, str2func returns an array of function handles.

Example - More Flexible Parameter Checking

In the following example, the myminbnd function expects to receive either a function handle or string in the first argument. If you pass a string, myminbnd constructs a function handle from it using str2func, and then uses that handle in a call to fminbnd.

Whether you call myminbnd with a function handle or function name string, it is able to handle the argument appropriately.

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