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Specify the figure alphamap (transparency)



alphamap enables you to set or modify a figure's Alphamap property. Unless you specify a figure handle as the first argument, alphamap operates on the current figure.

alphamap(alpha_map) set the AlphaMap of the current figure to the specified m-by-1 array of alpha values.

alphamap('parameter') create a new or modify the current alphamap. You can specify the following parameters:

alphamap('parameter',length) creates a new alphamap with the length specified by length (used with parameters: rampup, rampdown, vup, vdown)

alphamap('parameter',delta) modifies the existing alphamap using the value specified by delta (used with parameters: increase, decrease, spin).

alphamap(figure_handle,...) performs the operation on the alphamap of the figure identified by figure_handle.

alpha_map = alphamap return the current alphamap.

alpha_map = alphamap(figure_handle) returns the current alphamap from the figure identified by figure_handle.

alpha_map = alphamap('parameter') retruns the alphamap modified by the parameter, but does not set the AlphaMap property.

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