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Write NeXT/SUN (.au) sound file



auwrite(y,'aufile') writes a sound file specified by the string aufile. The data should be arranged with one channel per column. Amplitude values outside the range [-1,+1] are clipped prior to writing. auwrite supports multi-channel data for 8-bit mu-law, and 8- and 16-bit linear formats.

auwrite(y,Fs,'aufile') specifies the sample rate of the data in Hertz.

auwrite(y,Fs,N,'aufile') selects the number of bits in the encoder. Allowable settings are N = 8 and N = 16.

auwrite(y,Fs,N,'method','aufile') allows selection of the encoding method, which can be either mu or linear. Note that mu-law files must be 8-bit. By default, method = 'mu'.

See Also

auread, wavwrite

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