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Read an Audio Video Interleaved (AVI) file.



mov = aviread(filename) reads the AVI movie filename into the MATLAB movie structure mov. If filename does not include an extension, then .avi is used. Use the movie function to view the movie, mov. On UNIX, filename must be an uncompressed AVI file.

mov has two fields, cdata and colormap. The content of these fields varies depending on the type of image.

Image Type
mov.cdata Field
mov.colormap Field

height-by-width-by-3 array



height-by-width array

m-by-3 array

mov = aviread(filename,index) reads only the frame(s) specified by index. index can be a single index or an array of indices into the video stream. In AVI files, the first frame has the index value 1, the second frame has the index value 2, and so on.

See also

aviinfo, avifile, movie

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