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Convert cell array to structure array



s = cell2struct(c,fields,dim) creates a structure array, s, from the information contained within cell array, c.

The fields argument specifies field names for the structure array. fields can be a character array or a cell array of strings.

The dim argument controls which axis of the cell array is to be used in creating the structure array. The length of c along the specified dimension must match the number of fields named in fields. In other words, the following must be true.


The cell array, c, in this example contains information on trees. The three columns of the array indicate the common name, genus, and average height of a tree.

To put this information into a structure with the fields name, genus, and height, use cell2struct along the second dimension of the 2-by-3 cell array.

This yields the following 2-by-1 structure array.

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