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clear (serial)

Remove a serial port object from the MATLAB workspace



A serial port object or an array of serial port objects.


clear obj removes obj from the MATLAB workspace.


If obj is connected to the device and it is cleared from the workspace, then obj remains connected to the device. You can restore obj to the workspace with the instrfind function. A serial port object connected to the device has a Status property value of open.

To disconnect obj from the device, use the fclose function. To remove obj from memory, use the delete function. You should remove invalid serial port objects from the workspace with clear.

If you use the help command to display help for clear, then you need to supply the pathname shown below.


This example creates the serial port object s, copies s to a new variable scopy, and clears s from the MATLAB workspace. s is then restored to the workspace with instrfind and is shown to be identical to scopy.

See Also


delete, fclose, instrfind, isvalid



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