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Three-dimensional comet plot



A comet plot is an animated graph in which a circle (the comet head) traces the data points on the screen. The comet body is a trailing segment that follows the head. The tail is a solid line that traces the entire function.

comet3(z) displays a three-dimensional comet plot of the vector z.

comet3(x,y,z) displays a comet plot of the curve through the points [x(i),y(i),z(i)].

comet3(x,y,z,p) specifies a comet body of length p*length(y).


Note that the trace left by comet3 is created by using an EraseMode of none, which means you cannot print the plot (you get only the comet head) and it disappears if you cause a redraw (e.g., by resizing the window).


Create a three-dimensional comet plot.

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