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Display function call stack

Graphical Interface

As an alternative to the dbstack function, you can view the Stack field in the Editor/Debugger toolbar.



dbstack displays the line numbers and M-file names of the function calls that led to the current breakpoint, listed in the order in which they were executed. The line number of the most recently executed function call (at which the current breakpoint occurred) is listed first, followed by its calling function, which is followed by its calling function, and so on, until the topmost M-file function is reached.

[ST,I] = dbstack returns the stack trace information in an m-by-1 structure ST with the fields

Function name
Function line number

The current workspace index is returned in I.


See Also

dbclear, dbcont, dbdown, dbquit, dbstatus, dbstep, dbstop, dbtype, dbup

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