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List all breakpoints

Graphical Interface

As an alternative to the dbstatus function, you can see breakpoint icons for a file that is open in the Editor/Debugger.



dbstatus lists all breakpoints in effect including error, warning, and naninf.

dbstatus function displays a list of the line numbers for which breakpoints are set in the specified M-file.

s = dbstatus(...) returns the breakpoint information in an m-by-1 structure with the fields

Function name
Function line number
Condition string (error, warning, or naninf)

Use dbstatus class/function or dbstatus private/function or dbstatus class/private/function to determine the status for methods, private functions, or private methods (for a class named class). In all these forms you can further qualify the function name with a subfunction name as in dbstatus function/subfunction.

See Also

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