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Execute one or more lines from current breakpoint

Graphical Interface

As an alternative to the dbstep function, you can select Step or Step In from the Debug menu in the Editor/Debugger.



This function allows you to debug an M-file by following its execution from the current breakpoint. At a breakpoint, the dbstep function steps through execution of the current M-file one line at a time or at the rate specified by nlines.

dbstep, by itself, executes the next executable line of the current M-file. dbstep steps over the current line, skipping any breakpoints set in functions called by that line.

dbstep nlines executes the specified number of executable lines.

dbstep in steps to the next executable line. If that line contains a call to another M-file, execution resumes with the first executable line of the called file. If there is no call to an M-file on that line, dbstep in is the same as dbstep.

See Also

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