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Send string for execution



ddeexec sends a string for execution to another application via an established DDE conversation. Specify the string as the command argument.

If you omit optional arguments that are not at the end of the argument list, you must substitute the empty matrix for the missing argument(s).

If successful, ddeexec returns 1 in variable, rc. Otherwise it returns 0.

Conversation channel from ddeinit.
String specifying the command to be executed.
item (optional)
String specifying the DDE item name for execution. This argument is not used for many applications. If your application requires this argument, it provides additional information for command. Consult your server documentation for more information.
timeout (optional)
Scalar specifying the time-out limit for this operation. timeout is specified in milliseconds. (1000 milliseconds = 1 second). The default value of timeout is three seconds.


Given the channel assigned to a conversation, send a command to Excel:

Communication with Excel must have been established previously with a ddeinit command.

See Also

ddeadv, ddeinit, ddepoke, ddereq, ddeterm, ddeunadv

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