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Deal inputs to outputs



[Y1,Y2,Y3,...] = deal(X) copies the single input to all the requested outputs. It is the same as Y1 = X, Y2 = X, Y3 = X, ...

[Y1,Y2,Y3,...] = deal(X1,X2,X3,...) is the same as Y1 = X1; Y2 = X2;
Y3 = X3; ...


deal is most useful when used with cell arrays and structures via comma separated list expansion. Here are some useful constructions:

[S.field] = deal(X) sets all the fields with the name field in the structure array S to the value X. If S doesn't exist, use [S(1:m).field] = deal(X).

[X{:}] = deal(A.field) copies the values of the field with name field to the cell array X. If X doesn't exist, use [X{1:m}] = deal(A.field).

[Y1,Y2,Y3,...] = deal(X{:}) copies the contents of the cell array X to the separate variables Y1,Y2,Y3,...

[Y1,Y2,Y3,...] = deal(S.field) copies the contents of the fields with the name field to separate variables Y1,Y2,Y3,...


Use deal to copy the contents of a 4-element cell array into four separate output variables.

Use deal to obtain the contents of all the name fields in a structure array:

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