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delete (COM)

Delete a COM control or server



   Handle for a COM object previously returned from actxcontrol, actxserver, get, or invoke.


Release all interfaces derived from the specified COM server or control, and then delete the server or control itself. This is different from releasing an interface, which releases and invalidates only that interface.


Create a Microsoft Calender application. Then create a TitleFont interface and use it to change the appearance of the font of the calendar's title:

When you're finished working with the title font, release the TitleFont interface:

Now create a GridFont interface and use it to modify the size of the calendar's date numerals:

When you're done, delete the cal object and the figure window. Deleting the cal object also releases all interfaces to the object (e.g., GFont):

Note that, although the object and interfaces themselves have been destroyed, the variables assigned to them still reside in the MATLAB workspace until you remove them with clear.

See Also

release, save, load, actxcontrol, actxserver

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