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Display location of help file directory for UNIX platforms



docopt displays the location of the online help files directory (online documentation location) for UNIX platforms if the web function is used with the -browser option. It is also used for UNIX platforms that do not support Java GUIs--see the "Release 13 Release Notes for more information about these platforms. You specify where the online help directory will be located when you install MATLAB. It can be on a disk or CD-ROM drive in your local system. If you relocate your online help file directory, edit the docopt.m file, changing the location in it. (For Windows and the UNIX platforms that support Java GUIs, select File -> Preferences -> Help to view or change the documentation location.)

[doccmd,options,docpath] = docopt displays three strings: doccmd, options, and docpath.

The function that doc uses to display MATLAB documentation. The default is netscape.
Additional configuration options for use with doccmd.
The path to the MATLAB online help files. If docpath is empty, the doc function assumes the help files are in the default location.


To globally replace the online help file directory location, update $matlabroot/toolbox/local/docopt.m.

To override the global setting, copy $matlabroot/toolbox/local/docopt.m to $HOME/matlab/docopt.m and make changes there. For the changes to take effect in the current MATLAB session, $HOME/matlab must be on your MATLAB path.

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