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eventlisteners (COM)

Return a list of events attached to listeners



   Handle for a MATLAB COM control object.


eventlisteners lists any events, along with their callback or event handler routines, that have been registered with control, h. The function returns a cell array of strings, with each row containing the name of a registered event and the handler routine for that event. If the control has no registered events, then eventlisteners returns an empty cell array.

Events and their callback or event handler routines must be registered in order for the control to respond to them. You can register events either when you create the control, using actxcontrol, or at any time afterwards, using registerevent.


Create an mwsamp control, registering only the Click event. eventlisteners returns the name of the event and its event handler routine, myclick:

Register two more events: DblClick and MouseDown. eventlisteners returns the names of the three registered events along with their respective handler routines:

Now unregister all events for the control, and eventlisteners returns an empty cell array, indicating that no events have been registered for the control:

See Also

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