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ezcontour(f) plots the contour lines of f(x,y), where f is a string that represents a mathematical function of two variables, such as x and y.

The function f is plotted over the default domain: -2 < x < 2, -2 < y < 2. MATLAB chooses the computational grid according to the amount of variation that occurs; if the function f is not defined (singular) for points on the grid, then these points are not plotted.

ezcontour(f,domain) plots f(x,y) over the specified domain. domain can be either a 4-by-1 vector [xmin, xmax, ymin, ymax] or a 2-by-1 vector [min, max] (where min < x < max, min < y < max).

If f is a function of the variables u and v (rather than x and y), then the domain endpoints umin, umax, vmin, and vmax are sorted alphabetically. Thus, ezcontour('u^2 - v^3',[0,1],[3,6]) plots the contour lines for u2 - v3 over 0 < u < 1, 3 < v < 6.

ezcontour(...,n) plots f over the default domain using an n-by-n grid. The default value for n is 60.

ezcontour automatically adds a title and axis labels.


Array multiplication, division, and exponentiation are always implied in the expression you pass to ezcontour. For example, the MATLAB syntax for a contour plot of the expression,

is written as:

That is, x^2 is interpreted as x.^2 in the string you pass to ezcontour.


The following mathematical expression defines a function of two variables, x and y.

ezcontour requires a string argument that expresses this function using MATLAB syntax to represent exponents, natural logs, etc. This function is represented by the string:

For convenience, this string is written on three lines and concatenated into one string using square brackets.

Pass the string variable f to ezcontour along with a domain ranging from -3 to 3 and specify a computational grid of 49-by-49:

In this particular case, the title is too long to fit at the top of the graph so MATLAB abbreviates the string.

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