MATLAB Function Reference    

Specialized Math

airy Airy functions
besselh Bessel functions of third kind (Hankel functions)
besseli Modified Bessel function of first kind
besselj Bessel function of first kind
besselk Modified Bessel function of second kind
bessely Bessel function of second kind
beta Beta function
betainc Incomplete beta function
betaln Logarithm of beta function
ellipj Jacobi elliptic functions
ellipke Complete elliptic integrals of first and second kind
erf Error function
erfc Complementary error function
erfcinv Inverse complementary error function
erfcx Scaled complementary error function
erfinv Inverse error function
expint Exponential integral
gamma Gamma function
gammainc Incomplete gamma function
gammaln Logarithm of gamma function
legendre Associated Legendre functions
psi Psi (polygamma) function

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