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Sparse Matrices

Elementary Sparse Matrices

spdiags Sparse matrix formed from diagonals
speye Sparse identity matrix
sprand Sparse uniformly distributed random matrix
sprandn Sparse normally distributed random matrix
sprandsym Sparse random symmetric matrix

Full to Sparse Conversion

find Find indices of nonzero elements
full Convert sparse matrix to full matrix
sparse Create sparse matrix
spconvert Import from sparse matrix external format

Working with Sparse Matrices

issparse True for sparse matrix
nnz Number of nonzero matrix elements
nonzeros Nonzero matrix elements
nzmax Amount of storage allocated for nonzero matrix elements
spalloc Allocate space for sparse matrix
spfun Apply function to nonzero matrix elements
spones Replace nonzero sparse matrix elements with ones
spparms Set parameters for sparse matrix routines
spy Visualize sparsity pattern

Reordering Algorithms

colamd Column approximate minimum degree permutation
colmmd Column minimum degree permutation
colperm Column permutation
dmperm Dulmage-Mendelsohn permutation
randperm Random permutation
symamd Symmetric approximate minimum degree permutation
symmmd Symmetric minimum degree permutation
symrcm Symmetric reverse Cuthill-McKee permutation

Linear Algebra

cholinc Incomplete Cholesky factorization
condest 1-norm condition number estimate
eigs Eigenvalues and eigenvectors of sparse matrix
luinc Incomplete LU factorization
normest Estimate matrix 2-norm
sprank Structural rank
svds Singular values and vectors of sparse matrix

Linear Equations (Iterative Methods)

bicg BiConjugate Gradients method
bicgstab BiConjugate Gradients Stabilized method
cgs Conjugate Gradients Squared method
gmres Generalized Minimum Residual method
lsqr LSQR implementation of Conjugate Gradients on Normal Equations
minres Minimum Residual method
pcg Preconditioned Conjugate Gradients method
qmr Quasi-Minimal Residual method
spaugment Form least squares augmented system
symmlq Symmetric LQ method

Tree Operations

etree Elimination tree
etreeplot Plot elimination tree
gplot Plot graph, as in "graph theory"
symbfact Symbolic factorization analysis
treelayout Lay out tree or forest
treeplot Plot picture of tree

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