MATLAB Function Reference    


Array Operations

[ ] Array constructor
, Array row element separator
; Array column element separator
: Specify range of array elements
end Indicate last index of array
+ Addition or unary plus
- Subtraction or unary minus
.* Array multiplication
./ Array right division
.\ Array left division
.^ Array power
.' Array (nonconjugated) transpose

Basic Array Information

disp Display text or array
display Overloaded method to display text or array
isempty Determine if array is empty
isequal Determine if arrays are numerically equal
isequalwithequalnans Test for equality, treating NaNs as equal
isnumeric Determine if item is numeric array
islogical Determine if item is logical array
length Length of vector
ndims Number of array dimensions
numel Number of elements in matrix or cell array
size Array dimensions

Array Manipulation

: Specify range of array elements
blkdiag Construct block diagonal matrix from input arguments
cat Concatenate arrays
circshift Shift array circularly
find Find indices and values of nonzero elements
fliplr Flip matrices left-right
flipud Flip matrices up-down
flipdim Flip array along specified dimension
horzcat Horizontal concatenation
ind2sub Subscripts from linear index
ipermute Inverse permute dimensions of multidimensional array
permute Rearrange dimensions of multidimensional array
repmat Replicate and tile array
reshape Reshape array
rot90 Rotate matrix 90 degrees
shiftdim Shift dimensions
sort Sort elements in ascending order
sortrows Sort rows in ascending order
squeeze Remove singleton dimensions
sub2ind Single index from subscripts
vertcat Horizontal concatenation

Elementary Arrays

: Regularly spaced vector
blkdiag Construct block diagonal matrix from input arguments
eye Identity matrix
linspace Generate linearly spaced vectors
logspace Generate logarithmically spaced vectors
meshgrid Generate X and Y matrices for three-dimensional plots
ndgrid Generate arrays for multidimensional functions and interpolation
ones Create array of all ones
rand Uniformly distributed random numbers and arrays
randn Normally distributed random numbers and arrays
zeros Create array of all zeros

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