MATLAB Function Reference    

Operators and Operations

Special Characters

: Specify range of array elements
( ) Pass function arguments, or prioritize operations
[ ] Construct array
{ } Construct cell array
. Decimal point, or structure field separator
... Continue statement to next line
, Array row element separator
; Array column element separator
% Insert comment line into code
! Command to operating system
= Assignment

Arithmetic Operations

+ Plus
- Minus
. Decimal point
= Assignment
* Matrix multiplication
/ Matrix right division
\ Matrix left division
^ Matrix power
' Matrix transpose
.* Array multiplication (element-wise)
./ Array right division (element-wise)
.\ Array left division (element-wise)
.^ Array power (element-wise)
.' Array transpose

Bit-wise Operations

bitand Bit-wise AND
bitcmp Bit-wise complement
bitor Bit-wise OR
bitmax Maximum floating-point integer
bitset Set bit at specified position
bitshift Bit-wise shift
bitget Get bit at specified position
bitxor Bit-wise XOR

Relational Operations

< Less than
<= Less than or equal to
> Greater than
>= Greater than or equal to
== Equal to
~= Not equal to

Logical Operations

&& Logical AND
|| Logical OR
& Logical AND for arrays
| Logical OR for arrays
~ Logical NOT
all Test to determine if all elements are nonzero
any Test for any nonzero elements
false False array
find Find indices and values of nonzero elements
is* Detect state
isa Detect object of given class
iskeyword Determine if string is MATLAB keyword
isvarname Determine if string is valid variable name
logical Convert numeric values to logical
true True array
xor Logical EXCLUSIVE OR

Set Operations

intersect Set intersection of two vectors
ismember Detect members of set
setdiff Return set difference of two vectors
issorted Determine if set elements are in sorted order
setxor Set exclusive or of two vectors
union Set union of two vectors
unique Unique elements of vector

Date and Time Operations

calendar Calendar for specified month
clock Current time as date vector
cputime Elapsed CPU time
date Current date string
datenum Serial date number
datestr Convert serial date number to string
datevec Date components
eomday End of month
etime Elapsed time
now Current date and time
tic, toc Stopwatch timer
weekday Day of the week

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