MATLAB Function Reference    

File I/O

Functions to read and write data to files of different format types.
Filename Construction
Get path, directory, filename information; construct filenames
Opening, Loading, Saving Files
Open files; transfer data between files and MATLAB workspace
Low-Level File I/O
Low-level operations that use a file identifier (e.g., fopen, fseek, fread)
Text Files
Delimited or formatted I/O to text files
XML Documents
Documents written in Extensible Markup Language
Excel and Lotus 123 files
Scientific Data
CDF, FITS, HDF formats
Audio and Audio/Video
General audio functions; SparcStation, Wave, AVI files
Graphics files
Internet Exchange
URL, ZIP, and e-mail

To see a listing of file formats that are readable from MATLAB, go to file formats.

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