MATLAB Function Reference    

Audio and Audio/Video


audioplayer Create audio player object
audiorecorder Perform real-time audio capture
beep Produce beep sound
lin2mu Convert linear audio signal to mu-law
mu2lin Convert mu-law audio signal to linear
sound Convert vector into sound
soundsc Scale data and play as sound

SPARCstation-Specific Sound Functions

auread Read NeXT/SUN (.au) sound file
auwrite Write NeXT/SUN (.au) sound file

Microsoft WAVE Sound Functions

wavplay Play sound on PC-based audio output device
wavread Read Microsoft WAVE (.wav) sound file
wavrecord Record sound using PC-based audio input device
wavwrite Write Microsoft WAVE (.wav) sound file

Audio Video Interleaved (AVI) Functions

addframe Add frame to AVI file
avifile Create new AVI file
aviinfo Return information about AVI file
aviread Read AVI file
close Close AVI file
movie2avi Create AVI movie from MATLAB movie

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