MATLAB Function Reference    

View Control

Controlling the Camera Viewpoint

camdolly Move camera position and target
camlookat View specific objects
camorbit Orbit about camera target
campan Rotate camera target about camera position
campos Set or get camera position
camproj Set or get projection type
camroll Rotate camera about viewing axis
camtarget Set or get camera target
camup Set or get camera up-vector
camva Set or get camera view angle
camzoom Zoom camera in or out
view 3-D graph viewpoint specification.
viewmtx Generate view transformation matrices

Setting the Aspect Ratio and Axis Limits

daspect Set or get data aspect ratio
pbaspect Set or get plot box aspect ratio
xlim Set or get the current x-axis limits
ylim Set or get the current y-axis limits
zlim Set or get the current z-axis limits

Object Manipulation

reset Reset axis or figure
rotate Rotate objects about specified origin and direction
rotate3d Interactively rotate the view of a 3-D plot
selectmoveresize Interactively select, move, or resize objects
zoom Zoom in and out on a 2-D plot

Selecting Region of Interest

dragrect Drag XOR rectangles with mouse
rbbox Rubberband box

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