MATLAB Function Reference    

Volume Visualization

coneplot Plot velocity vectors as cones in 3-D vector field
contourslice Draw contours in volume slice plane
curl Compute curl and angular velocity of vector field
divergence Compute divergence of vector field
flow Generate scalar volume data
interpstreamspeed Interpolate streamline vertices from vector-field magnitudes
isocaps Compute isosurface end-cap geometry
isocolors Compute colors of isosurface vertices
isonormals Compute normals of isosurface vertices
isosurface Extract isosurface data from volume data
reducepatch Reduce number of patch faces
reducevolume Reduce number of elements in volume data set
shrinkfaces Reduce size of patch faces
slice Draw slice planes in volume
smooth3 Smooth 3-D data
stream2 Compute 2-D stream line data
stream3 Compute 3-D stream line data
streamline Draw stream lines from 2- or 3-D vector data
streamparticles Draws stream particles from vector volume data
streamribbon Draws stream ribbons from vector volume data
streamslice Draws well-spaced stream lines from vector volume data
streamtube Draws stream tubes from vector volume data
surf2patch Convert surface data to patch data
subvolume Extract subset of volume data set
volumebounds Return coordinate and color limits for volume (scalar and vector)

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