MATLAB Function Reference    

Workspace, File, and Search Path


assignin Assign value to workspace variable
clear Remove items from workspace, freeing up system memory
evalin Execute string containing MATLAB expression in a workspace
exist Check if variable or file exists
openvar Open workspace variable in Array Editor for graphical editing
pack Consolidate workspace memory
which Locate functions and files
who, whos List variables in the workspace
workspace Display Workspace browser, a tool for managing the workspace


cd Change working directory
copyfile Copy file or directory
delete Delete files or graphics objects
dir Display directory listing
exist Check if a variable or file exists
fileattrib Set or get attributes of file or directory
filebrowser Display Current Directory browser, a tool for viewing files
lookfor Search for specified keyword in all help entries
ls List directory on UNIX
matlabroot Return root directory of MATLAB installation
mkdir Make new directory
movefile Move file or directory
pwd Display current directory
rehash Refresh function and file system caches
rmdir Remove directory
type List file
what List MATLAB specific files in current directory
which Locate functions and files

See also File I/O functions.

Search Path

addpath Add directories to MATLAB search path
genpath Generate path string
partialpath Partial pathname
path View or change the MATLAB directory search path
path2rc Save current MATLAB search path to pathdef.m file
pathtool Open Set Path dialog box to view and change MATLAB path
rmpath Remove directories from MATLAB search path

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