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get (COM)

Retrieve a property value from an interface or get a list of properties



   Handle for a COM object previously returned from actxcontrol, actxserver, get, or invoke.

   A string that is the name of the property value to be retrieved.


Returns the value of the property specified by propertyname. If no property is specified, then get returns a list of all properties for the object or interface.

The meaning and type of the return value is dependent upon the specific property being retrieved. The object's documentation should describe the specific meaning of the return value. See Converting Data in the External Interfaces documentation for a description of how MATLAB converts COM data types.


Create a COM server running Microsoft Excel:

Retrieve a single property value:

Retrieve a list of all properties for the CommandBars interface:

See Also

set, inspect, isprop, addproperty, deleteproperty

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