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get (serial)

Return serial port object properties



A serial port object or an array of serial port objects.
A property name or a cell array of property names.
A single property value, a structure of property values, or a cell array of property values.


get(obj) returns all property names and their current values to the command line for obj.

out = get(obj) returns the structure out where each field name is the name of a property of obj, and each field contains the value of that property.

out = get(obj,'PropertyName') returns the value out of the property specified by PropertyName for obj. If PropertyName is replaced by a 1-by-n or n-by-1 cell array of strings containing property names, then get returns a 1-by-n cell array of values to out. If obj is an array of serial port objects, then out will be a m-by-n cell array of property values where m is equal to the length of obj and n is equal to the number of properties specified.


Refer to Displaying Property Names and Property Values for a list of serial port object properties that you can return with get.

When you specify a property name, you can do so without regard to case, and you can make use of property name completion. For example, if s is a serial port object, then these commands are all valid.

If you use the help command to display help for get, then you need to supply the pathname shown below.


This example illustrates some of the ways you can use get to return property values for the serial port object s.

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