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Store or retrieve application data



guidata(object_handle,data) stores the variable data in the figure's application data. If object_handle is not a figure handle, then the object's parent figure is used. data can be any MATLAB variable, but is typically a structure, which enables you to add new fields as requred.

Note that there can be only one variable stored in a figure's application data at any time. Subsequent calls to guidata(object_handle,data) overwrite the previously created version of data. See the Examples section for information on how to use this function.

data = guidata(object_handle) returns previously stored data, or an empty matrix if nothing has been stored.

guidata provides application developers with a convenient interface to a figure's application data:

guidata is particularly useful in conjunction with guihandles, which creates a structure in the figure's application data containing the handles of all the components in a GUI.


In this example, guidata is used to save a structure on a GUI figure's application data from within the initialization section of the application M-file. This structure is initially created by guihandles and then used to save additional data as well.

You can recall the data from within a subfunction callback routine and then save the structure again:

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