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Browse and import data from HDF or HDF-EOS files



hdftool starts the HDF Import Tool, a graphical user interface used to browse the contents of HDF and HDF-EOS files and import data and data subsets from these files. When you use hdftool without an argument, the tool displays the Choose an HDF file dialog box. Select an HDF or HDF-EOS file to start the HDF Import Tool.

hdftool(filename) opens the HDF or HDF-EOS file, filename, in the HDF Import Tool.

h = hdftool(...) returns a handle, h, to the HDF Import Tool. To close the tool from the command line, use dispose(h).

You can run only one instance of the HDF Import Tool during a MATLAB session; however, you can open multiple files.

Using the HDF Import Tool, HDF-EOS files can be viewed as either HDF-EOS files or as HDF files. HDF files can only be viewed as HDF files.


See Also

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