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Inferior class relationship



The inferiorto function establishes a hierarchy which determines the order in which MATLAB calls object methods.

inferiorto('class1','class2',...) invoked within a class constructor method (say myclass.m) indicates that myclass's method should not be invoked if a function is called with an object of class myclass and one or more objects of class class1, class2, and so on.


Suppose A is of class 'class_a', B is of class 'class_b' and C is of class 'class_c'. Also suppose the constructor class_c.m contains the statement: inferiorto('class_a'). Then e = fun(a,c) or e = fun(c,a) invokes class_a/fun.

If a function is called with two objects having an unspecified relationship, the two objects are considered to have equal precedence, and the leftmost object's method is called. So, fun(b,c) calls class_b/fun, while fun(c,b) calls class_c/fun.

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