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Display license number for MATLAB or list of licenses checked out



license displays the license number for MATLAB, as a string. It returns demo for demonstration versions, student for student edition, and unknown if the license number cannot be determined.

license('inuse') displays the list of licenses checked out in the current MATLAB session.

result = license('inuse') returns a structure that contains the list of licenses checked out in the current MATLAB session and the username of the person who checked out the license.

When used with the MATLAB Runtime Server, the 'inuse' option displays nothing or returns an empty structure.

result = license('test',feature) tests if a license exists for the product identified by the text string feature. The license function returns 1 if the license exists and 0 if the license does not exist. You must specify the product name exactly as it appears in the INCREMENT lines in a License File (license.dat). The feature is case sensitive and must not exceed 27 characters in length. For example, 'Identification_Toolbox' is the feature name for the System Identification Toolbox.

license('test',feature,toggle) enables or disables license testing for the specified product, feature, depending on the value of toggle. The parameter toggle can have either of two values:

Tests for the specified license return either 1 (license exists) or 0 (license does not exist).
Tests for the specified license always return 0 (license does not exist)

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