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load (serial)

Load serial port objects and variables into the MATLAB workspace



The MAT-file name.
obj1 obj2...
Serial port objects or arrays of serial port objects.
A structure containing the specified serial port objects.


load filename returns all variables from the MAT-file specified by filename into the MATLAB workspace.

load filename obj1 obj2... returns the serial port objects specified by obj1 obj2 ... from the MAT-file filename into the MATLAB workspace.

out = load('filename','obj1','obj2',...) returns the specified serial port objects from the MAT-file filename as a structure to out instead of directly loading them into the workspace. The field names in out match the names of the loaded serial port objects.


Values for read-only properties are restored to their default values upon loading. For example, the Status property is restored to closed. To determine if a property is read-only, examine its reference pages.

If you use the help command to display help for load, then you need to supply the pathname shown below.


Suppose you create the serial port objects s1 and s2, configure a few properties for s1, and connect both objects to their instruments.

Save s1 and s2 to the file MyObject.mat, and then load the objects into the workspace using new variables.

Values for read-only properties are restored to their default values upon loading, while all other properties values are honored.

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