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MATLAB startup M-file for single-user systems or system administrators


At startup time, MATLAB automatically executes the master M-file matlabrc.m and, if it exists, startup.m. On multiuser or networked systems, matlabrc.m is reserved for use by the system manager. The file matlabrc.m invokes the file startup.m if it exists on the MATLAB search path.

As an individual user, you can create a startup file in your own MATLAB directory. Use the startup file to define physical constants, engineering conversion factors, graphics defaults, or anything else you want predefined in your workspace.


Only matlabrc is actually invoked by MATLAB at startup. However, matlabrc.m contains the statements

that invoke startup.m. Extend this process to create additional startup M-files, if required.


You can also start MATLAB using options you define at the Command Window prompt or in your Windows shortcut for MATLAB.


Turning Off the Figure Window Toolbar

If you do not want the toolbar to appear in the figure window, remove the comment marks from the following line in the matlabrc.m file, or create a similar line in your own startup.m file.

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