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Number to string conversion



The num2str function converts numbers to their string representations. This function is useful for labeling and titling plots with numeric values.

str = num2str(a) converts array A into a string representation str with roughly four digits of precision and an exponent if required.

str = num2str(a,precision) converts the array A into a string representation str with maximum precision specified by precision. Argument precision specifies the number of digits the output string is to contain. The default is four.

str = num2str(A,format) converts array A using the supplied format. By default, this is '%11.4g', which signifies four significant digits in exponential or fixed-point notation, whichever is shorter. (See fprintf for format string details).


num2str(pi) is 3.142.

num2str(eps) is 2.22e-16.

num2str(magic(2)) produces the string matrix

See Also

fprintf, int2str, sprintf

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