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Open new copy or raise existing copy of saved figure



openfig is designed for use with GUI figures. Use this function to:

openfig('filename.fig','new') opens the figure contained in the FIG-file, filename.fig, and ensures it is visible and positioned completely on screen. You do not have to specify the full path to the FIG-file as long as it is on your MATLAB path. The .fig extension is optional.

openfig('filename.fig','new','invisible') or openfig('filename.fig','reuse','invisible') opens the figure as in the preceding example, while forcing the figure to be invisible.

openfig('filename.fig','new','visible') or openfig('filename.fig','new','visible') opens the figure, while forcing the figure to be visible.

openfig('filename.fig','reuse') opens the figure contained in the FIG-file only if a copy is not currently open; otherwise openfig brings the existing copy forward, making sure it is still visible and completely on screen.

openfig('filename.fig') is the same as openfig('filename.fig','new').

openfig(...,'PropertyName',PropertyValue,...) opens the FIG-file setting the specified figure properties before displaying the figure.

figure_handle = openfig(...) returns the handle to the figure.


If the FIG-file contains an invisible figure, openfig returns its handle and leaves it invisible. The caller should make the figure visible when appropriate.

See Also

guide, guihandles, movegui, open, hgload, save

See Deploying User Interfaces for related functions

See Understanding the Application M-File for information on how to use openfig.

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