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Three-dimensional pie chart



pie3(X) draws a three-dimensional pie chart using the data in X. Each element in X is represented as a slice in the pie chart.

pie3(X,explode) specifies whether to offset a slice from the center of the pie chart. X(i,j) is offset from the center of the pie chart if explode(i,j) is nonzero. explode must be the same size as X.

h = pie(...) returns a vector of handles to patch, surface, and text graphics objects.


The values in X are normalized via X/sum(X) to determine the area of each slice of the pie. If sum(X)1, the values in X directly specify the area of the pie slices. MATLAB draws only a partial pie if sum(X)<1.


Offset a slice in the pie chart by setting the corresponding explode element to 1:

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