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Draw scatter plots



plotmatrix(X,Y) scatter plots the columns of X against the columns of Y. If X is p-by-m and Y is p-by-n, plotmatrix produces an n-by-m matrix of axes. plotmatrix(Y) is the same as plotmatrix(Y,Y) except that the diagonal is replaced by hist(Y(:,i)).

plotmatrix(...,'LineSpec') uses a LineSpec to create the scatter plot.The default is '.' .

[H,AX,BigAx,P] = plotmatrix(...) returns a matrix of handles to the objects created in H, a matrix of handles to the individual subaxes in AX, a handle to a big (invisible) axes that frames the subaxes in BigAx, and a matrix of handles for the histogram plots in P. BigAx is left as the current axes so that a subsequent title, xlabel, or ylabel commands are centered with respect to the matrix of axes.


Generate plots of random data.

See Also

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