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Match regular expression, ignoring case



start = regexpi(str,expr) returns a row vector, start, containing the indices of the substrings in str that match the regular expression string, expr, regardless of case.

When either str or expr is a cell array of strings, regexpi returns an m-by-n cell array of row vectors of indices, where m is the the number of strings in str and n is the number of regular expression patterns in expr.

[start,finish] = regexpi(str,expr) returns an additional row vector finish, that contains the indices of the last character of the corresponding substrings in start.

[start,finish,tokens] = regexpi(str,expr) returns a 1-by-n cell array, tokens, of beginining and ending indices of tokens within the corresponding substrings in start and finish. Tokens are denoted by parentheses in the expression, expr.

[...] = regexpi(str,expr,'once') finds just the first match. (By default, regexp returns all matches.) If no matches are found, then all return values are empty.


See Regular Expressions, in the MATLAB documentation, for a listing of all regular expression metacharacters supported by MATLAB.

regexpi does not support international character sets.


Return a row vector of indices that match words that start with m and end with y, regardless of case:

See Also

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