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Rotate 3-D view using mouse



rotate3d on enables mouse-base rotation on all axes within the current figure.

rotate3d off disables interactive axes rotation in the current figure.

rotate3d toggles interactive axes rotation in the current figure.

rotate3d(figure_handle,...) enables rotation within the specified figure instead of the current figure.

rotate3d(axes_handle,...) enables rotation only in the specified axes.

Using rotate3d

When enabled, clicking on an axes draws an animated box, which rotates as the mouse is dragged, showing the view that will result when the mouse button is released. A numeric readout appears in the lower-left corner of the figure during rotation, showing the current azimuth and elevation of the animated box. Releasing the mouse button removes the animated box and the readout, and changes the view of the axes to correspond to the last orientation of the animated box.

See Also

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