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Emulate the runtime environment in MATLAB and set the global error mode



The runtime command lets you emulate the Runtime Server environment in commercial MATLAB and set the global error mode for a runtime application. Because the Runtime Server disables the command window, it is generally much more convenient to test and debug with MATLAB emulating the Runtime Server than with the Runtime Server variant itself.

runtime on tells commercial MATLAB to begin emulating the Runtime Server. This means that MATLAB executes neither M-files nor standard P-files. The command line remains accessible.

runtime off returns MATLAB to its ordinary state.

runtime status indicates whether MATLAB is emulating the Runtime Server or not.

runtime errormode mode sets the global error mode to mode. The value of mode can be either continue, quit, or dialog. However, dialog is both the default error mode and the recommended one.

The error mode setting is only effective when the application runs with the Runtime Server; when the application runs with commercial MATLAB emulating the Runtime Server, untrapped errors are always displayed in the command window.

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