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Set color shading properties



The shading function controls the color shading of surface and patch graphics objects.

shading flat each mesh line segment and face has a constant color determined by the color value at the end point of the segment or the corner of the face that has the smallest index or indices.

shading faceted flat shading with superimposed black mesh lines. This is the default shading mode.

shading interp varies the color in each line segment and face by interpolating the colormap index or true color value across the line or face.


Compare a flat, faceted, and interpolated-shaded sphere.


shading sets the EdgeColor and FaceColor properties of all surface and patch graphics objects in the current axes. shading sets the appropriate values, depending on whether the surface or patch objects represent meshes or solid surfaces.

See Also

The EdgeColor and FaceColor properties for surface and patch graphics objects.

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