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Reduce the size of patch faces



shrinkfaces(p,sf) shrinks the area of the faces in patch p to shrink factor sf. A shrink factor of 0.6 shrinks each face to 60% of its original area. If the patch contains shared vertices, MATLAB creates nonshared vertices before performing the face-area reduction.

nfv = shrinkfaces(p,sf) returns the face and vertex data in the struct nfv, but does not set the Faces and Vertices properties of patch p.

nfv = shrinkfaces(fv,sf) uses the face and vertex data from the struct fv.

shrinkfaces(p) and shrinkfaces(fv) (without specifying a shrink factor) assume a shrink factor of 0.3.

nfv = shrinkfaces(f,v,sf) uses the face and vertex data from the arrays f and v.

[nf,nv] = shrinkfaces(...) returns the face and vertex data in two separate arrays instead of a struct.


This example uses the flow data set, which represents the speed profile of a submerged jet within a infinite tank (type help flow for more information). Two isosurfaces provide a before and after view of the effects of shrinking the face size.

See Also

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